About the Conference

SciFi Conferences is a world’s leading Scientific Event Organizer invites all the Speakers, Delegates, Researchers, Students and Industrialists to attend “World Annual Congress on Beneficial Microbiology and Microbes ” during November 23-24,2020 in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia  around the theme “Current research and Future New challenges in Microbiology”.

 This event has taken the initiative to gather of all world-class experts from Academic and Industry in a common platform at Beneficial Microbiology 2020 Conferences to share their recent research findings to the world and to inform other esteemed delegates on latest trends in the field of Microbiology.  We cordially invite all the participants from different countries of Europe, America, and Asia to come and join us at our event and make it successful by your participation.

Microbiology research has to meet many of the world aspirations and challenges such as food, water, and energy. Microbiology research will also help such as 'how to diversify life on Earth?' and 'does the life exist elsewhere in the Universe'.

Why to attend?

Microbiology is a best platform for all the Research Scholars, Microbiologist, Scientists, Technologists, and Students who are working in this field to knowledge related to microbial interactions. This event is an effort to find information that will indicate the possible interactions between the organisms and conducting such experiments new techniques that will lead to the formulation of control measures often by using an alteration of the environmental factors for regulation of the Microbes.


Conference Starts on


November 23-24, 2020 | Kuala Lampur, Malaysia | 2020 EDITION

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Kuala Lampur, Malaysia